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I love my boys Baby. He is so attached to me and would follow me almost anywhere. He enjoys helping me out in the garden always.


Our little Ruby just got here. I will like to say thank you for letting me have her. Also i promise to take very good care of her always. Thanks for the food supply too. 

Malcom and Sarah

I love my buddy Toby and we get along just fine. I am grateful for all of the help you have given me so far.

Denisse Hopkins

I was a little weary about having a puppy shipped to me but i was really amazed with the way everything turned out to be like. My yorkie pup was gotten from a breeder who was just an hour drive away. Was with me the whole time and i was at ease since i knew he was safe. The main thing which made me worried about shipping was for the health and well being of the pup. It made me so happy when he got delivered to me. I will be taking him down to the vet this weekend. Thanks a lot for everything.

Mariah John

It has been just a few weeks but Coco and i already inseperable. We take breakfast at same time and she loves to sit on my lap when i have my morning coffee and read the news. Sometimes she focuses like she understands, lol which is just so funny. 

Bella Sanchez

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